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crawler design
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The Crawler’s design and operation are similar to that of an outboard motor on a small boat.  Speed and direction are controlled with one hand.  Speed is controlled by the drill setting and the thumb pressure applied to the actuator.   Direction is controlled by the side to side movement of the steering arm.

Rear wheel steering, found on vehicles such as fork lifts, lawn mowers and pallet jacks, makes moving in confined areas very easy. Combining power and steering into one wheel located at the  center of a scaffold's end frame, allows the Crawler to complete 360 degree turns.  The Crawler can move a scaffold in forward or reverse for added maneuverability.  The Crawler can literally run circles around the competition.

The Crawler can telescope to a total height (including drill) of 122" and can compress to 79", allowing the unit to pass through a standard doorway without removing the scaffold frame


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